Child restoration outreach Mbale - feedback on MayCoach program from CRO staff 2017


Richard Mutambuli- Social Worker

May coach was a fruitful and beneficial training that I had the privilege to participate in alongside fellow staff.

Emptying my bottle session: This was so helpful in enabling me get rid of my past negative thoughts. This was a practical exercise that involved recognizing the negative thoughts and experiences in my life, sharing with the facilitator and getting rid of these negative thoughts and removing them from my life.

Going through this session has enabled me improve my effectiveness and performance at work. Being happy and sharing this happiness with the children and my colleagues at work.

I have been able to gain a lot of positive energy by recognizing the wonderful diamond inside of me and this has boosted my work output.

Team building session: This was yet another wonderful and rewarding session that enabled me understand what a team is and how a team functions. We identified the obstacles to an effective team for example conflict among staff which hinder progress of work. We came up with solutions for example openness to the obstacles in team building. Through this training, I have been able to develop trust towards my colleagues at work and be open. It has also enabled me to be committed and accountable to the team. Through this, I can share my work experiences with colleagues at work and express the challenges being met in handling the children and we have been able to come up with solutions to handle these challenges.

Developing business Ideas: Understating how to develop business ideas by recognizing what I love doing was a key lesson learnt in this session. Listing down the things I am passionate about and the requirements that I need to get these things. This session brought to light the importance on focusing and working hard on the things that one loves in order to achieve success in life and in business.

Conclusion: At the end of the training, we were able to come up with action points to enable us improve our performance at work for example avoiding gossip and being committed to achieving the goals of CRO.

Janet Mukama- Social Worker

The MayCoach program helped me to understand the importance of coaching as it is a transformative learning. It changed my way of thinking and looking at things to be able to perform at my best.


The benefit of participating in the training

  • It brought healing as I emptied the talk dialogue and refilled it with love, joy; hope and valued myself.
  • Through sharing, I opened up and I believed in myself and I also believed in people around me.
  • The golden circle opened my eyes to focus on realities of life and to learn to solve self-problems. Then I can help the vulnerable children, parents and guardians better.
  • It has helped me to improve performance as I focus on growing a team as we create true harmony among ourselves as staff. It has made me to build trust and share openly without fear.
  • It has helped me to set clear goals and to be accountable in my work and to fellow staff.
  • This will make us to achieve good and focused results together and it keeps us together and growing both in my mind thoughts.



I thank MayCoach and may God Bless you for the good work done. Self-reflection made me to value myself and to keep my diamond and I am passionate about helping vulnerable children, parents and guardians to find their diamonds too.


Fridah Wakhobela - Teacher

MayCoach, you are an inspiration to my entire family. The first time you coached us at CRO I had a lot of fears because I had had two miscarriages and I was pregnant so I thought that I would not carry to full time but after sharing my fears with you, you helped me on how to overcome some bad feelings and I gained my strength and I was able to carry my baby to full time and I had a normal delivery she is very fine and healthy.

Thank you very much for considering CRO as one of your audiences to receive such great coaching. This year your coaching did not only change me but it also changed my dad who was leaving under denial, hate, bitterness and a feeling of wanting to die. I was so much stressed and terrified that my dad was going to die but thanks to you a lot because you were able to help me to be free and learn how to live with such situations. As I shared during training on the last day the diamond you gave me to give to my dad and book made a very tremendous change when my father opened up to me and he was able to let go. He is back to normal diet and very stress free. Thank you very much once again. I am looking forward to the next coaching, come next year. I thank The National Coordinator, Madam Christine for bringing to us very important and resourceful friends like you. Well done!




Naomi Nambuya- Social worker

My name is Nambuya Naomi working with CRO in Mable town Uganda.

I was introduced to May-coach program and I have learnt a lot, some of the things I have learnt are as follows:

Talk Dialog. At first, my life was full of many things, thinking about life with fear, sadness but with the help of May-coach I replaced these things with love, hope, peace.

Opening up, it was so hard talking or telling people about my past. The coaching helped me to improve on my communication and relationship with people in my life.

Dysfunctions of a team

I learnt that the growing team has to focus on results, which leads the team to achieve together like if you are doing the same job you need to be together to achieve the goal set.

To be accountable to the team that is growing I have to set high standard for myself and others. This will also help me as I work with the children and help to change their way of life.

To be able to communication well I must set very clear goals.

Trust as an emotional feeling is very important and it includes friendship.

David Mukhwana – Social Worker

Fear was my biggest challenge; this was from the past life experiences and each time I thought of a new idea I would remember the past failures i.e. one I had a saloon shop, poultry local chicken, garden of tomatoes and all did not work out very well. Each time I would like to attempt something new, I remembered the old memories.

I thank God that after the MayCoach, I now feel courageous enough to attempt new heights in life. I have now set a list of new targets to achieve this year without any interference of the past.

Thank you MayCoach God bless you.

Leah Wanda - Social Worker

I would like to thank God and May coach for the great work done in my life.

I used to be sad and had a lot of self-pity in my life and anything small would upset me and I would feel like the world is against me. I didn’t feel secure.

But during the healing process and I was able to share out my issue I got relieved and my heart has since been free and at peace

I thank May coach for the incredible work well done since then I have been focused in my work and handle issues with positive attitude and my life is now full of joy peace and laughter.

Thanks a lot God bless you